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Dashboard to monitor asynchronous ajax call performance from browser (call is part of another page)


We have a Home Page, when loading on the browser, fires an asynchronous call to fetch some data from another server which is still hosted by us, but we do not have Dynatrace. In this circumstance, how can we monitor the performance of that asynchronous call separately?

I know it's part of the waterfall diagram of the Home Page and will contribute to the total page load times of Home Page, but is there a way where we can plot the average response times and failure rate of that particular call in a dashboard?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Have you looked at the 3'rd party, CDN and resource section? You should see charts for every 3'rd party provider. If your ajax calls are using a different domain than the home page itself, they should be visible there.
At the moment you can't use use metrics for custom charting or filter the 3'rd party home screen tile by a specific provider but this is on the road map.