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Errors 4xx and 5xx by Application



As I see, it is not possible to get how many errors 4xx or 5xx an Application is getting. Currently it's only JavaScript errors info available which is usefull but incomplete information. The customer needs to know , to check Application availability, how many errors 5xx are they getting from Application perspective.

It'd be very hard to filter for all the services called for the Application (directly and undirectly). Do you know how to achive this goal?



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DynaMight Legend

For service oriented chart, you can chart the number of failed requests (Failure rate).

For application oriented chart, you can use USQL to query and count number of http errors that happed to your users (this will include any request from your user session, including 3rd party content).

What is more suitable for your situation? Service view or Application (end user experience) view?

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Definitely Application view. I'd need to get Error Type (500, 503, 4xx) , count, Action and what resources is failing (Dynamic request , images, ....).

I am checking USQL syntax and I am getting this query but it's nos exactly what I need:

select count(useraction.httpRequestsWithErrors) , useraction.application FROM usersession group by useraction.application

Thanks in advance.


Queries on resources are not available using USQL (at least that is the status for now). With USQL you can now query the sessions with actions having http errors and names or other properties of those actions. For failed resources in a user action you will need to go into the particular user session, but you can at least query those sessions and particular actions.

Maybe PMs will have more ideas about how to accomplish this - @Alexander S. , @Dominik P. ?

Certified Dynatrace Master | Alanata a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner


any update about this? of course I'd like to get how many times an actions is failing (User Action) , which error is getting and the resources involved but at least I'd need the User Actions (type of action, Action Name and https error got) . Do you know how can I get theses fields using USQL?



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