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Example of Splunk search queries, dashboards, best practices


Hello Dyna community,


I have trying to use Splunk to create some useful dashboards using the data from the Dynatrace Problem (sourcetype="dynatrace:problem") info. I would like to build something to use for : historical trend analysis, application triage, even application health reporting. We have integrated Dynatrace and Splunk and I would like to know how others have used the datasets. What dashboards have you created? Any examples you are willing to share? I am running into challenges of duplicate alerts being seen in Splunk. So the returned search results are not 100% accurate. Wondering if others are willing to share their search string results. Here are examples of my dashboard.

Any information from other resources, reference materials others are willing to provide would be great. I am not finding anything online related to Dynatrace Problem event duplication. I have reviewed the Dynatrace plugin default searches and notice they used (dedup id command string). I did that and it helped but still not 100% accurate.

Again any info would be great. 🙂






DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Interesting, did you use the splunk plugin/extension into Dynatrace? we are looking to do something similar


Yes our Splunk team did use the extension to import the Dynatrace data sets. I did not use the default dashboards that came with that extension/plugin since those did not serve the purpose I wanted. They were tailored around the service request and host performance. I wanted to focus on the Problem Analysis trending and overall problems reported. That is why I created this dashboard. Again looking to hear any ideas on the duplication issue or challenges you run into with Splunk and Dynatrace.


Hi, i am also interested in this kind of reporting. Did you check on using different reporting tools (e.g. Tibco Spotfire/Microsoft Dynamics)?

Hello, yes we have two environments and we have used Tableau and API importing of Dynatrace Problem Alert data to create a similar report. I do like how I am able to multi-filter in Spunk to slice up the results. I am hoping to leverage Splunk as this is our company corporate wide tool set along with Dynatrace for dashboards and data mining.

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