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Expected Performance Impact of Multiple Dashboards Loading/Refreshing


Dear All,

The customer brought 10 large screens (more are on the way) to show the Dynatrace dashboards in different locations.

For the time being, we have 20 dashboards (more are on the way) to display on these screens for the last 2 hours timeframe.

10 x 20 = 200 dashboards are going to refresh every one minute.

What could be the performance impact on the Managed Cluster?





My two cents on this:

  • If the dashboards are the same in several locations, I would say caching applies to the data, so it would not have a lot of impact, except transmitting the information, which is not huge
  • Large or big screens won't make a difference, except that you can put more tiles into it. If the number of tiles are a lot, I believe that would be a more important factor. BTW, are we talking HD/4K/Bigger?
  • If there are a big number of tiles, expect a bigger processing on the client side. Check the machines that render the dashboards...

In any case, I'm also interested in a more experienced view on this. Since we're talking Managed here, @Radoslaw S. might have interesting views on this one...

Hello @Antonio S.

Mainly 4K screens, and dashboard with multiple tiles based on the built-in and custom charts.



If that is spread across multiple (ideally separate) environments - that shouldn't impact much. If that's all in 1 tenant - then it might be considered as a load that makes an impact - if that's the case I'd recommend:

- In case you have Premium support -> check self-monitoring, align with Dynatrace ONE

- In case you don't have Premium support -> you'll be interested in disk utilization, memory and CPU of cluster nodes. If that's fine - you're good to go. If not - maybe add more nodes or scale vertically.

Technical Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert

Hello @Radoslaw S.

It is a single environment and also we do not have premium support.

I will keep an eye on the resources and if required, I will add more cluster nodes.



Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor


It's difficult to say exactly what the load will be, but it deals with several factors. How many tiles are on one dashboard? Is this being displayed by 20 machines, or 10, or 1? There is a bottleneck potential with local resources to consider beyond server resources. From my experience, the load on the server wouldn't be too terrible, but more impactful is the load on local resources. Chrome is no longer a very lean user of memory, and if you have 4x4k screens it's going to need a lot of memory to display this, and CPU on the local machine. In either case, I'd recommend to watch the self monitoring data of your managed cluster and ramp up your monitored screens slowly.

Agreed, I only did what Babar is doing once (so thought maybe I don't want chirp it here since I only do it once instead of many times before), but anyway, what Bob mentioned was actually what I experienced as well.

Simply put, it isn't about the "number of dashboard", its more about "total number of tiles per laptop/machine"

If memory serves me right, when I was having a total number of tiles more than 60, the refresh/loading starts to take >5 seconds.

(that time I was opening two browser tab on huge TV, where each tab displaying dashboard of around 30+ tiles).

And yes, this two dashboard displaying data from the same DT environment.

Hello @Wai Keat C.

Thank you for your comments and for sharing your personal experience.



Hello @Bob C.

Thank you for your comments and for sharing your personal experience.

I will take care of the local resources and mainly the Dynatrace Cluster as recommended.