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Export dashboard in new dyntrace one agent via API

Frequent Guest

Can anyone let me know the feasiblity in exporting dashboard in new dynatrace via API , as there is no export option.




As per my knowledge there is no such APIs to export the dashboard. If you want some kind of reporting on certain metrics, you can create custom chart and export them to CSV, XLS and SVG.

By the way why do you want to export a dashboard?


Hi again, I saw one video There are APIs coming to export the dashboard to JSON. May be someone from Dynatrace can confirm this?

Frequent Guest

@Suresh K thanks for your time.

I would like to know if there is any altenate for export API or it is best to wait till the release is rolled out?

I came across below link which says the feature to export dashboard using API is in pipeline


Hi Ananthi,

I have asked similar question recently and received suggestion to use time series API instead of Dashboard API.

Here is my current Q&A :

Thanks & Regards,

Krunal Dave

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion


Dashboards API is what you are looking for export/import dashboards


Hi Rodrigo,

These API's is helpful for automation(for instance- Add/Edit/Delete dashboard properties). However these API's does not give you Payload of specific dashboard(this feature is currently available in AppMon Client API's).

What are the other options available if you want to expose the payload of the dashboard using API for other BI tools?

Thanks & Regards

Krunal Dave

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

It's REALLY frustrating that half of what you would expect as admin tools from the GUI, you need to use the API for.

Hello Larry,
I understand your frustration, but think that GUI will not help in automation activities. Also, I think, is faster to release a REST API with a new functionality and then implement the GUI, but at least having the functionality as soon as possible.

Agreed, it terms of automation it is needed an important. Just venting 🙂

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