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In Dynatrace OneAgent, how do we export and import the custom dashboards. The goal here is how do we reuse the custom dashboards instead of building again in another env



I am wondering how can we export and import the custom dashboard in Dynatrace OneAgent server. The reason why we are asking is we have different env which is controlled by different Dynatrace server, so instead of creating dashboards every time in each env, how can we just build all custom dashboard in 1 env and reuse that across multiple env. Hope it makes sense, kindly let me know if this features is available already if yes please provide the steps for export and import for custom dashboard section.



Hi Kandasamy,

As per my understanding from the above information

Go to Create custom chart and Type metric name or select required from the list and click on build chart, add metrics to compare.

Once done pin to dashboard (it will be added to active dashboard) and then go to dashboard and select the ellipse option, select share dashboard, you will be given a link to share.

Copy the link and paste in browser, clone and save with new dashboard name and save it with required changes.

I Think it will help you.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion


my understanding is, that he wants to export a dashboard from environment A and import it in environment B, right? Unfortunately, there is no way to achieve this at the moment.



Thanks for the response @Thorsten R. This is not only for exporting dashboards from Env A to Env B, let's say if we want to tear down the Dynatrace Managed env completely including database and automate new Dynatrace env provisiong build from scratch with all pre-designed dashboards through referring the dashboards copy from our own artifactory.

For example, we have similar feature in Grafana where we have an ability export all the dashboards to (.json) format and copied to our artifactory, so anytime when we are bringing our new grafana instances it pulls up all dashboards from our artifactory automatically. Hope it makes sense, building this kind of feature within Dynatrace will definitely help in automation of Dynatrace env provisioning. Please let me know if there are plan to build this features in the upcoming Dynatrace releases.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

So in other words, a proper API would help you to do the automation, right? Good news, this is on our list. I cannot share any ETA, but we will improve in this area for dashboards/charting etc.


Hi Thorsten,

we also have the same need to export custom dashboards in order to get a backup. Do you have updates on this feature?

Thank you

Hi Luigi, the plan is also to have an export mechanism for dashboards.

Hi, @Thorsten R. has this feature been productionized yet. Is it available now with SaaS and on Prem offerings

Hi, as stated here:, works on that feature have already started.


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Hi, seems the link is broken could you please update the link

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

To give you all a short update, we have the feature for a dashboard configuration API (i.e. import, export, provisioning) on our roadmap for the end of Q4 2018.

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