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Kubernetes Workloads - Need metric for CPU usage % of Request


Hi ,


In Dynatrace for Kubernetes Monitoring under workloads we already today have a metric that tracks CPU usage % of limit , but since generally its not recommended (debatable) to have CPU Limits on deployments , it would be extremely helpful to have a metric that tracks CPU usage % of Requests. 

We today have a metric that tracks CPU usage % of limit , but since workloads dont have CPU Limits , it is condiering the whole Host CPU as the limit that gives a false picture . Having a metric by default or if there a way to create it that could showcase CPU usage % of request , that will be exrememly helpful in many cases as lot of Kubernetes stuff like HPA depend on CPU Request to scale our workloads anyway.


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi @hari-m94,

I think you are searching for this metric: builtin:kubernetes.workload.requests_cpu



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No , This metric is to track the CPU Requests given to a deployment , What I am looking for is a way to relatively track the actual usage in % comparing it with the requests . 

More like what CPU usage % of limit offers out of the box , but I am looking for CPU usage % of Requests

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