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.NET Available/Active worker thread


Hi community, I'm here to ask you a clarification about the metric in the subject.


In "Custom chart" section you can choose the .NET available worker threads metric that shows the number of available worker Threads into the .NET Thread pool I suppose, and you can split this metric by your IIS Application Pool to see the threads of one or more specific IIS Application Pools:

Schermata 2021-03-15 alle 15.09.33.png


However, by navigating into the specific IIS Application Pool page, under the .NET metrics section, you can see another tile regarding the Thread Pool that shows, this time, the average of the .NET active worker threads:

Schermata 2021-03-15 alle 15.11.21.png


Despite the different name, the values of the two metrics decribed above are the same.
Imho, the names make me think as follows:

  • Available worker threads: threads available into the Thread Pool but not necessarily used
  • Active worker threads: worker threads that are currently working, which are not necessarily all the available threads

So my question is, what do these two metrics represent, the Active or the Available threads?

I hope I’ve been clear enough, thanks.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

That is interesting as our environment does not show the information as duplicate like yours does. Can you confirm what Cluster Version you are on? 


Hi @ChadTurner, thanks for the response.

We have the Dynatrace version

The OneAgent version installed on the involved servers is the 1.211.144 one.

I'd recommend opening a support ticket. We are on 207 and do not see this issue. 


I did it, but they told me to open this question here 😂

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