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No more data on the dashboards after Dynatrace v1.265 update


Hi Community,

Something very strange has happened with some tiles of the dashboards of our client after the Dynatrace update: Version 1.265 from April 25, 2023.

Now we cannot see data on the dashboards we configured, previously they were working fine.

dashboards_no data.PNG

Does something similar happen with someone else?

Thanks in advance, 



DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi @moin_DT1,

I didn't face this issue with the updates. I think this requires some validation on the metrics, and services if the service is up and running are you receiving some data, can you check the historical data as well?

are you using built-in metrics or customer metrics, do you have any conditions or filters added, you can validate the data again from the data explorer, are you able to see any data related to this service, you can check this by navigating to the service and check the requests through the UI.

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Thanks for the heads up @Mohamed_Hamdy I have checked the metrics & historical data as well. I have been informed that there were some updates regarding the filters etc, so i started using less filters and more tags, but suddenly even with tags it seems that it is not not showing that much of data as it was showing before the update. 

- Regards,


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