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RFE: Dynatrace Web Chart set static scaling


We have several Monitors that are very regular in their counts, usually 2-4. We set aq threshold of 15 as that is a reasonable maximum before we begin to have an issue. Unfortunately in a dynamic web chart a jump from 4 to 8 looks terrible as it is at the very top of the chart and is confusing to our operations team. 8 is no problem. but it appears to be an issue as it is at the top of the chart.

There needs to be a way to set a static scale on web charts to reduce confusion and improve readability. it would also be nice to display the threshold and force it to always be visible




This is a duplicate of your previous question. Did you intend to post this as an RFE?

To make it an RFE you will have to tag the title with: "RFE : " and tag the question as a customization.

Hope that helps,


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Don,

why not utilizing custom alerts to trigger a problem based on that metric? The call to action for your team should be a problem and not a spike in some chart. My colleague Wolfgang has put together a nice summary of how that would work:

Showing thresholds in charts is not planned for now but stay tuned and follow our forum post to see what's coming:


We already have an alert, but our OPS team wants to be able to see certain Dashboards on their displays. Hogging Threads is often a bell-weather hint something is going wrong. This could be done in AppMon, and if you can set a static scale, it can be seen from a distance, without having to read the current scale.