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Show hostnames in dashboards



We have 2 process with the same name in 2 different servers

How do I show server name in dashboards?

seems like I'm missing something basic




DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

one thing we leverage was process and service renaming - you can read about it here:



We tried to use Service naming & Process group naming

But we get 2 hostnames front of the service/process name

We want to see in the dashboard 2 panels that show the service/process running on 2 different servers:

1. hostname01 - api-gateway-server

2. hostname02 - api-gateway-server

How can we do that?

Both names are coming up because they are part of the same host grouping. You can put them in separate hosts groups, or you can build up a management zone that cuts the data out by host, and then set the zone for that tile. So you would need to MZ's one for Host 1 and one for Host 2, then you'd clone two of those tiles and edit them and set the MZ for each one.


Looks like Dynatrace is correctly showing those two process instances in one process group cluster, which is then providing the service called "api-gateway-server". You could of course split that PG into 2 new PGs by putting the hosts into different host groups. But I wouldn't recommend that approach, since you'd basically end up with a 2 duplicate services (api-gateway coming from host A and api-gateway from host B).

What you want instead is to filter the data based on instance, i.e. process running on host A vs. process running on host B. You could save these graphs under Multidimensional Analysis views, which are available under the Service api-gateway-server. So save one view with the instance filter for host A, and then another for host B.

The last tricky part is how to get those Multidimensional Analysis views into a dashboard. Based on this discussion, there's now an early adopter feature available which allows just that (see response by dynatrace A.:

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