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Thread graph representation not making sense

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I am running a .Net 6 app and we have min/max threadpool settings as 100/250. Our graph in dynatrace shows a fraction of an active worker thread usually. Why is that?


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DynaMight Legend

It's averaged from my understanding and your view is looking at the average per min. 
So at 8:00:00 = 1 worker, then 8:00:30 = 0 workers | 1 + 0 = 1 Divide by 2 data points = 0.5 

This is subject to the metric collection frequency. 


Thanks for replying! However, that still doesn't make sense as the application is getting over 100 transactions per second. I would expect to see more movement or something closer to that number? could this be a mismanagement of how we have Dynatrace set up to monitor on our end?

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