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World Map in Dashboard is not fetching the data


The world map doesn't show up the data in dashboard. whereas it shows the data in the application . Is there any issue or any limitation.


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Good morning,

Could you provide a couple of screenshots?

A couple of things come to mind...

  • Ensure the settings for the world map tile are correct.
    • Make sure the current application has been selected as well as performance and behavior.

  • Ensure that the Management Zone and timespan is set correctly at the top right of the screen.

  • Ensure the correct configuration of the dashboard settings.

Hope that helps!


Hello Larry,

Please find the screenshots below

The dashboard tile (world map) shows no data but if i click on the tile it re-directs me to the application and shows me the data in world map there.

Just to clarify... The yellow area, is that just a blur you added or is that actually showing up in the map tile? It was somewhat hard to tell.

Also, could you provide a screenshot of the tile settings?

If you are attempting to get the same visual seen here:

you will want to make sure that within the tile settings you have selected "S4 HANA" as the application and "User actions".

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