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Adding host name to the Process/Process Group/Service related Custom Alerts


Hi Team,

Can you please let me know, if the Dynatrace (Managed) can provide any option to add the impacted hostname in the email body/in the problem data for the Custom Alerts configured using process groups/services. Currently, Dynatrace is populating the process/service name details, however it is not detecting which host is facing the problem.

If we execute a service on 10 VMs and issue is intermittent, it is difficult to identify which host is causing the problem. Until I navigate through the Dynatrace portal, I could not find which host is impacted. And also, this is limiting self healing capabilities when we try to push the logs to Splunk/other external tools.


{"entityId": "PROCESS_GROUP_INSTANCE-XXXXXXXXXXX", "entityName": "Servicename.jar", "eventType": "CUSTOM_ALERT", "impactLevel": "INFRASTRUCTURE", "severityLevel": "CUSTOM_ALERT"}], "recoveredCounts": {"APPLICATION": 0, "ENVIRONMENT": 0, "INFRASTRUCTURE": 0, "SERVICE": 0}, "severityLevel": "CUSTOM_ALERT", "startTime": 1548899460000, "status": "OPEN", "tagsOfAffectedEntities": [{"context": "CONTEXTLESS", "key": "Service Name", "value": "Requests executed in background threads of XXXXXXXX"}, {"context": "CONTEXTLESS", "key": "Service Name", "value": "XXXXXXXX"}]


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

It may be problem for this because process groups and service may work on multiple hosts. Environments are populating single value. Did you checked dynatrace mobile app integration? There is much more informations than in webhook integration (some extra data are fetching via DT API).

The only Idea I have is to send webhook to some custom service developed by you wich will get via API extra informations about problems and then push it to place you need.

You can always post RFE for such functionality in webhook integration


Regards, Sebastian


Please let me know, if there us any update on this.

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

We are having the exact same issue. Dynatrace recently added as an option to custom events, but to date we have been unable to make it work with a JMX extension. 2 of us have spent the last 2 days straight trying to figure out how to get the host name for the problem into the custom event message. There also appears to be zero documentation on it, however Wolfgang stated that he created a ticket to have some information added. 


You would not think it would be this hard. We have a jar which is deployed to a cluster of servers. Through a JXM extension there are a couple of custom metrics we collect. When one of the custom events fire and show a problem, when you click on that problem it takes you right too it and that page shows the host its on so why it's so hard to add this to the custom event message has us scratching our head. Dynatrace already knows which host it is so you would think it would just be a placeholder to include in the custom event message. I have an open ticket on this as we have exhausted all attempts to make this work.