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Any update how to work with Dynatrace using OpenTelemetry API?


So OpenTelemetry is mentioned in integrations here:

This news post [] says "We’ll be releasing support for OpenTelemetry as the project matures and the related libraries are released. "

OneAgent SDK at GitHub doesn't seem to have anything.

Are there any updates?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

What specific technology are you looking to monitor? Is there something you're looking to capture that OneAgent doesn't currently capture?

Well, it doesn't capture much to be honest. I can see dependencies between services but all Dynatrace currently tells me is "Asyncronous invocation".

But I'm not a big fan of automatic instrumentation - I woudn't want dynatrace to add too many hooks to my reactive flows anyway and in many places it wouldn't be possible as there's a lot of custom stuff. I want to control which spans I want to report and measure, and I can link them properly myself.