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Data Explorer: 95, 98, and 99 Percentiles


Hi Dynatrace team,


I'm not sure where to ask about this product idea so let me know if this isn't the correct location. I also couldn't find an existing thread open on the same topic but if there is one already opened, please point me to that thread.


We recently "upgraded" to the new Data Explorer view on our dashboards but doing so only allows us to get to 90 percentile. I know we can go to the "Code" section to increase the percentile to 95, 98, or 99. Doing so will corrupt the search if you click back on "Build" and clicking back on "Code" will purge the data.


Is there anything planned to add 95, 98, and 99? Or, if not, can the "Code" section not be purged? I can create a ticket on the "Code" data being purged if the option doesn't exist within the "Build" area if this isn't expected. It's a little frustrating at times.