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Enable/Disable Mobile{react-native} monitoring for specific countries


We have mobile react-native application and we would like to enable Dynatrace monitoring for specific countries. I know it is not possible from Dynatrace console.

1) How can we do that ? Is there any developer method is exposed which we can use to do that ?

2) If we disable for some countries then it doesn't include the monitoring cost of those countries ?


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

1) Currently not, with a future update, the OneAgent for React Native will also offer a manual startup. This means that you can first find out in which country the user is and then start the agent; OneAgent for iOS and Android already support this behavior.

2) True. If there's no monitoring, there's no cost.

Thanks for your reply, as you mentioned this feature is available on iOS/Android, could you please let us know how can we do it in Android/iOS .

Auto-start needs to be disabled and then there's a manual startup call to be executed in the code.

For iOS:

For Android:


Thanks for your reply.

As you mentioned it is supported by Android/iOS, could you please let us know how can we do it in android & iOS.