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Message Queues monitoring, finding queue depth


As OneAgent SDK does allow us to trace queues and messages, can someone help with custom instrumentation which we can use to measure queue depth.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Queue depth is by nature a metric. Thus you need to push metric value. This is not available using OneAgent SDK, since it's about tracing only. 

You have several options here

  • push the metric value using the Metric Ingestion (available locally on the host also or using Environment API)
  • use the open telemetry metrics ingestion which uses the Metric Ingestion API anyway
  • Use a OneAgent or ActiveGate extension - maybe your Message Queue technology is already supported and can be monitoring using an existing extension.

If you need to push the metric from your code directly, I'd recommend using the OpenTelemetry approach.

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