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NetTracer metric collection and further integration with OneAgent

Dynatrace Enthusiast
Dynatrace Enthusiast

In relation to metrics, the documentation states


"For each IPv4 and IPv6 TCP connection, defined by:

Source address and port
Destination address and port
PID of the communicating process
Network namespace


the following metrics are collected:

  • Bytes sent
  • Bytes received
  • Packets sent
  • Packets received
  • Packets retransmitted
  • Round-Trip Time (in microseconds)
  • Round-Trip Time variance"


I understand each connection has to be defined manually, Is that so ?

If so, Where does this definition must be indicated ?


Moreover, where are the metrics stored ?


Later in Dynatrace documentation it is indicated 


"We added the following binaries to the OneAgent installer package with all their required permissions and capabilities:

  • oneagentnettracer for NetTracer integration"

How is this integration done ?