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OneAgent Custom Plugin, How to deal with one metric containing multiple KEY-VALUE pairs?


Hi, I am looking to use Dynatrace to monitor errors on RTUs that all connect to a single host.

The errors are written to a log on the central host, i have the data i need. Now what i need to do is get this data into dynatrace to make use of its dashboarding and alerting functionalities.


Ideally id like to present the data as a "top list" with each bar being representitive of an RTU. Similar to how we can split by process at present.


Data structure is something like HOST:{KEY:VAL, KEY:VAL, KEY:VAL}



We have in the order of 1000 RTU's per host, im filtering to report only the worst offenders at present. around 10.


previously ive attached each value to a metric defined in the JSON.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

You mention it's a log. Likely the best way would be to ingest this log by OneAgent and have it parsed. Then you can setup metrics and alerts in Dynatrace.

The second option will be the the OneAgent plugin as you mention. For this, you will need to parse the log and send metrics (or directly alerts). For sending metrics you need to add the RTU_COMPONENT alias as a dimension. You may encounter limits for OneAgent plugins regarding dimensions.

The third option would be to send data using the metric ingest interface and send those metrics locally or via metric API. 

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Thanks Julius, gives me something to look in to. Seems dimensions will be the key!