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Predict % disk utilization and auto remedy on AWS/EBS


I am new to DynaTrace. I would like to trigger an alert based on predicted disk utilization and automate handling the alert to call Elastic EBS APIs to increase volume size. The remedy action seems easy to implement. Can someone please let me know if the setting up of the alert based on predictions and automating the handling of the alert possible and provide me with some pointers to where I can learn how to implement this?


In general some of metrics that are baselined has predict mode that allows you to see estimated value in the future. But this option is working only via API. Metrics related to disk are not baselined, there is always static threshold. It can be calculated automatically by dynatrace but you will not have alert in predict mode.



Thanks, Sebastian. In fact, we are planning on a static threshold. However, if alerts cannot be raised based on predictions, should we write code that does periodic polling that uses the API calls to get the predicted value and when it exceeds a preset threshold, takes some action? If this sounds like the right approach, I would appreciate pointers to any documentation on how to get this done. @Sebastian K.


@Krishnamurthy S. at Perform 2020 they announced that they are working on a new feature of Dynatrace Davis that will incorporate problem prediction/forecasting. This is still in its early stage but is a wonderful announcement! Keep an eye out throughout the year for any new information surrounding this new feature