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Real User Monitoring - Specific Function Tracking

Frequent Guest

Hello Everyone, 


I'm pretty new with Dynatrace and the Real User monitoring function.

On an ERP system developed by my company, I'd need to record the hit per user on a specific function (MRP : Material requirement planning). It's a very basic function used for production management purpose. 


Has someone already implemented this kind of record function for real user monitoring ? 

What are the steps and effort to implement it ? 





Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi ThubautDKT, since this is tagged with rum I'll assume you can place the JavaScript snippet on the page. If that's the case it should be fairly straightforward. Have a look at the JavaScript SDK API docs


At first glance, I think you need something like this:


function runMRP() {
  action_id = dtrum.enterAction('Run MRP')
// Do actual work here
dtrum.closeAction(action_id) }

Frequent Guest

Hello Adam, 


Thank you very much for your answer. If I understand well the implementation steps might be a follow : 

  1. Identify the relevant pages of the targeted function 
  2. Copy the script on every pages 


Can you also advise on how to collect the data on the dashboard and eventually export it ?