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Request: Change option label


Note: This may not be in the right community. If so, can you redirect me to the right place?

I was reading the customer documentation and I noticed an odd phrasing in the interface. You can see it on this page:

The top option "Detect host or monitoring lost problems" is a bit strangely worded. The "host" is a thing and "monitoring" is an action, so while the connection to the host can be lost or the monitoring may stop, you would not describe those conditions as "host lost" or "monitoring lost" issues.

A similar example would be: if I go to a concert and the noise causes me to go deaf, I may have lost my ability to hear, but the condition would be called "hearing loss", not "hearing lost".

I would suggest renaming this option as one of the following:

* Detect issues of host loss or monitoring loss
* Detect issues of host/monitoring loss
* Detect host/monitoring interruptions