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Unexpected token {<!-- -->

After installing Dynatrace cordova plugin with the following command:cordova plugin add @dynatrace/cordova-pluginWhen trying to remove this plugin or any of the other plugins installed with:cordova plugin rm The following error appears and no removal...

Windows Multi-threading & C/C++ SDK

Hello everyone,We have a question about managing multi-threading under Windows with the Dynatrace C/C++ SDK. We would like to be able to use tracers (as described in the C/C++ SDK) under Windows in each of our threads and be able to visualize them as...

Active gate oracle connection

Hello,I am trying to make plugin on active gate, with need to make database call to monitor some internal data.Unfortunately I don't know how to handle connection to database from active gate plugin.I tried by using cx_Oracle:import cx_Oracleclass De...