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API - Filter values

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I am interested in filtering the result by the value, not by the dimension.  For example.  I want a count of the number of a service where the visually complete is greater than 3 seconds.  I have tried using the partition to segment the data, but to do this i need the aggregation to be avg.  I then tried to use the IN predicate to filter out the dimension i don't want and try and do a count after.  But i am suspecting i am not counting the number of results.  I can't find anywhere in the documentation that you can filter by the value other than the "series" predicate.  but this will hide or show the entire series.  This seems like such a simple and logical thing that many people would want.  Any help is appreciated.


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Here is something i was trying for synthetic browser times....



:filter(and(in("dt.entity.synthetic_test_step",entitySelector("type(synthetic_test_step),entityName(~"05: Select Claims and Spending Tab~")"))))

:default(0):partition("Actionduration",value("slow",gt(4000)),value("fast",otherwise ))



Community Team
Community Team

Hi @dajunki, hope you were able to find a solution for this one in the meantime! Mind sharing it here, in case someone else is facing the same issue! Thank you!

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