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Ability to pass all parameters during installation, when using Azure Extension

Based on what I read from the documentation, currently this is my understanding:

Flags that can be pass during installation (Azure tech).png


Is these correct? If yes, I am wondering those that marked with "No", is it not doable at all? or just that we can't use Azure Extension by Azure Portal (but instead, have to use non-UI way like Azure-CLI, PowerShell or ARM Template)


Best Regards,

Wai Keat


Community Team
Community Team

Hello Community, do you have some thoughts on Wai Keat's thread? Would be awesome to find some solution, cheers!


Is there any update? I am looking to instrument network zone on Azure App Services.

We've had a deployment in the last days considering this in Azure App Services. If you want to configure a network zone in Azure App Services, it is only available at the moment through ARM templates.

Antonio Sousa

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

This is a great topic!


Recently, we actually ran into the impossibility of several of this configurations, when handling the installation process with a Client.

We investigated the topics a lot, and we even checked with the Chat, in order to make sure that we were not missing something.


As @AntonioSousa mentioned, Network Zones are only possible using ARM templates, which is undesirable in most cases.

I posted a Product Idea, suggesting that improvement:


Regarding Host Groups, currently it is not possible to defined one for an Azure Web App, at all.

I also posted a Product Idea for it:

Best regards, Pedro Deodato

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