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How to filter results by properties of the entity and get all nodes on a particular cluster using dynatrace api.

How to filter dynatrace api and list all nodes with detected name property filtered based on property Kubernetes cluster = <cluster name>. There is a api list all hosts, however that takes only tags for filtering not properties. I also explored metrics/query api by using metricselector as builtin:cloud.kubernetes.cluster.nodes and entityselector as type("KUBERNETES_CLUSTER") but didn't find a way to filter based on properties and also it didnt give node display name rather it gave node counts on each cluster.



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

You could try and set automatic tagging rules that would provide the data but that feature is not available yet. Im going to be tossing in a RFE for that today as we will require it to set management zones for Kubernetes clusters as well based off of the properties.


Was a ticket filed for this? I have the same requirement