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Process topology API pagination documentation


The API docs for "api/v1/entity/infrastructure/processes" indicates that if pageSize is not set, "the result contains all processes fitting the specified filtering criteria". However, when not set, I receive a maximum of 4000 results. When I attempted to set pageSize greater than 4000, I received a 400 return code with error:


"The page-size for entity instance queries must not exceed the configured limit of 4000 for instance queries.You may also use the 'includeDetails' query parameter to reduce the amount of information which is returned. The default of this parameter is 'true'. The entity limit for 'includeDetails' = true, is: 4000. The entity limit for 'includeDetails' = false, is: 12000."


I don't mind having to paginate, but the API docs should not explicitly state it isn't required. The description for pageSize in the API doc should be updated to indicate the limits indicated by this error message.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Agreed that the documentation should reflect that. @jaroslaw_orlows , can you help out with the help page? This is the one question, but it's also true for the other V1 entity endpoints, such as for hosts: