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RFE - Dynatrace API can specific timezone using relative timeframe parameters



In Dynatrace API (Environment API v2) , I can specify relative timeframe such as "now-1d" when export Synthetic data as csv files . However the output was shift to UTC.

For schedule daily, weekly report purpose, it will be good if can specific timezone when using relative timeframe.





Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Within the absolute timeframe you are able to optionally specify the timezone. Within the relative selector we did not add this, as Now is not depending on any timezone. Now always represents the current time no matter in which timezone you are triggering the call.

I could imagine that you mean to optionally select the output time format to represent a timezone? Please correct me if I am wrong with my assumption.



Hi Wolfgang,

My timezone is UTC+8 , I tried "now-1d" here but the output "time" column shows a time as UTC. The attached pictures shows the timezone was shifted, the csv file was generated at 08/27 1:00am.

I need to generate the csv files daily, weekly and monthly then email to different recipients for all Synthetic tests, so absolute timeframe didn't work for me.



Hi, having a similar problem. We're at GMT+2 and per the attached screenshot when we run a quarterly report the datapoints are appearing at 02:00 daily and then the auditor is asking us why they're not at 00:00. So I think whats happening is that the data is being stored as UTC but then also being displayed as if the user was also at UTC. When taken in context with the date picker (which seems to be at the local timezone) this can cause some confusion. API requests also come out timestamped at 02:00.