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Sort API outputs


Heja there,


this is a tough one to phrase for me so please bear with me. I know this is not "best practice" and maybe there's a better way to do it so feel free to bug at me 😉


I recently got to look into monaco and terraform for configuration management (sadly there's no [good] ansible support (-; ) and played around with it. We already have a somewhat-not-small installation which is configured mostly/all by GUI. Both tools provide good initial export mechanisms. So this would be a good starting point for our teams to migrate their existing configs, where possible to those tools.


That said I also thought about an reoccurring CI tasks which uses the export functionalities to create the config files in a git repository. Doing this on a schedule, like once a day, and pushing the changes back to the repository to have a quick and already "easy" to use configuration backup. This basically works great ... except for one small issue.

Both tools just gather the data from the API as expected and some of the properties of the output isn't sorted - like some lists or dicts (a,b,c first time, b,c,a next time, you get it). So each time one exports the data some files are changed even as there is effectively no real change.

As said in the beginning, minor issue for a very specific hopefully-not-to-long running "workaround" but inconvenient nonetheless. So: what are the thoughts on this here? If any.

Community Team
Community Team

Hello! Even though there haven't appeared any over recent months, maybe now someone of Community members would have some thoughts about problem detailed above? Cheers!


I can confirm this behaviour, pulling out configuration via the API doesn't output deterministic results. This leads to headaches when you want to keep a config history of changes in version control like git. Very inconvenient!