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OneAgent crash java application

Frequent Guest

Hello, I have the following situation:

We have an application in Java which is in a RHLE version 9 already placed an agent to monitor the service, we validate that it is displayed on the host page in the cluster and when we restart the application to start monitoring services the application presents execution problems and a duplicate key error (com. google.gson.JsonSyntaxException: duplicate key: tracestate: a1350951-c51fa121@dt) causing that the application does not work correctly the curious thing is that we disable the monitoring from the console and the application immediately works.

Has anyone had something similar happen to them? Do you know what could be the cause?



Can you be specific what the Java application is? is it a standalone running process, is it deployed in an Application Server. Any specific Java API this application is using (are you using com. google.gson.* package in the application code?

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