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About "Oracle database insight(EAP)"

Hi all,

My customer is very interested in the following "Oracle database insight".

<Oracle database insights now available (EAP)>

He would like to utilize the Oracle data collected by Dynatrace for Oracle performance management. And he would like to know what kind of Oracle data can be collected before applying for EAP.

So, in the Oracle data collection announced on the above blog, does anyone have a data item list of what kind of data can be collected at the present time?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader


The list of data collected is constantly growing and being developed based on the communities needs. So it is recommended to have your customer apply for the EAP, and fill out the survey and contribute to the direction and decision of upcoming metrics list.

The metrics will be very similar to what is provided by the AppMon Oracle agent: Sessions, Wait States, Slow Queries, Current Locks, Explain Plans, etc. A better 'target' of the full list of metrics can be deduced from the AppMon list:

Hi Joseph,

Thank you for the reply and recommendation!
I will consider my customers applying for EAP.


Hi, we collect performance metrics from v$ tables, sql statements form cache, explain plans. Till Beta we will add wait and Oracle events.

Hi Jakub,

Thank you for the reply. The information you gave me is very helpful.

For your reference, I will attach a list of requests for Oracle data collection from my customer. His hope is to be able to capture these Oracle data items.
For data items not supported by Dynatrace, I will plan to create plugins and deal with them.
If possible, could you please refer the file for the function extension?
Incidentally, the customer is a major airline company in Japan.
Best regards,

Likely to give more explanation about Application Wait Time?, in deeper way, such as wait for what, what does Application here mean, etc.