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Adding a Tag to an imported AppMon measure in Dynatrace


We have exported some AppMon measures to Dynatrace and they appear fine when no management zone is selected however if one is selected that measure is no longer visible. We would like these measures to be assigned to a specific management zone so my first thought it to somehow tag it - is that something which is possible and if not, what other options are available to accomplish this?


You can’t tag custom measure. The question is if entity that is storing your measure is in management zone you peaked. Metrics are always related to for example custom network device. This device can be tagged and assigned to management zone with measures that are related to it.



Hi Sebastian, thanks, I think you just led me to the solution. Under Management zone settings the rule dropdown lists AppMon Server and AppMon System profile as options so I think I may be able to use those to accomplish what I am looking for. I should have looked there before posting... 🙂

Good to read 🙂