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After UEM Enable On the application clicking some buttons pop-up appearing customer getting frustrated


only-supported-ie.pngpop-ups.pngPFA. snap shot.

Once I enabled UEM feature on DT Managed - On the application users are getting pop-up on their browser on IE.

Our customer is not happy since it is impacting many users after clicking 6 to 7 times on this pop-up it get clears.. This leads to user frustration.

Pop-up :

security warning to allow this website to provide information personalized for you. Will you allow it to put a small file ( called a cookie ) on your computer

Apllication is ASP.NET Technologies

I tried following:


This type of Cookie dialog is becoming very common. Some websites will present the dialog on every visit regardless of your response, but try these settings:

1. Internet Options> Privacy> try a setting of Low or Accept all.

2. Internet Options (General tab). Browsing History> verify that Delete browsing history on exit is not checked.

3. If a third-party security/privacy program is "managing" cookies, you may have to disable that feature.

-- Above is not useful still the pop-up remains if i do this i can't tell all my user to set this setting.


tried with other browser.. our application supports only IE.

PFA. snap shot for ref.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

This sounds like an issue we have discovered for a few weeks and is based on a microsoft bug - please see below:

"The problem with the loss of the cookies is caused by an odd behavior
in IE, which occurs when the customer's code calls the IE-specific
methods, showModalDialog() and ShowModelessDialog(). Under common
circumstances, these methods block the transfer of cookies to any
subsequent window that is opened from the dialog window. This affects
all cookies, not just Dynatrace cookies.

There is a workaround that the customer can implement, which
is to pass the current window object into the method, then within the
dialog's code, use that window object to create any subsequent window.
This will cause the window to be created in the same process space as
the calling window, so that the cookies are available to it. This
technique is presented in the Microsoft link,

The IE-specific methods causing this issue, are deprecated by Microsoft, and are not available in other browsers.
Furthermore, showModalDialog() has the nasty behavior of blocking
JavaScript execution in other IE windows, so necessary timers and
background communications ("XHR") do not occur as expected, and can break modern web programming techniques.

In order to detect returning users, we store a persistent cookie which is the reason for that issue."

We are working on a configuration option to turn off the persistent cookie within Dynatrace RUM.

Hi Alex, any update in regards to the configuration option to turn off the persistent cookie within Dynatrace RUM? We are experiencing the same issue as Rajesh.


Any updates regarding the possibility of turning off persistent cookie in Dynatrace.

BTW.: The above Microsoft link is broken.


Thomas -

If you're still having questions, this came up for me recently. I found out from Alex: Persistent cookies
can be turned off in the data-privacy settings.

Hope this helps

Bob C


Thank you Alex for the details explanation for the given problem, Do we get any fix from the Dynatrace. I would see some work around, since I am from APM Engineer but need to work with developer to fix will our customer agree for this is million dolor question.

Thank you

-Rajesh Chavan

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

We have build a workaround for this IE bug. It is available since Dynatrace OneAgent Sprint 163.

Is this a feature that that must be enabled or configured? We have this issue with every showModalDialog call. We are on agent 1.167 but still see the prompt "allow this website to provide information personalized for you. Will you allow it to put a small file ( called a cookie ) on your computer" when showModalDialog is invoked.