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After installation of dynatrace managed not got environment URL



I have installed the new dynatrace-managed in our server. As per document we will get the environment URL post successful installation. But am not got the environment URL. Please find the below screenshot and suggest how can i find my environment URL.

DT Installer-support.jpg


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Dynatrace should generate for you domain and let's encrypt certificate. But if you have network issues or some communication is blocked it sometimes takes some time. Go to server IP with https and you will be able to sign in to CMC. There when you click on installed cluster, you should see address on which you can reach cluster. If there is IP not domain, this means that there is some issue with network perhaps. To environment you can be redirected from CMC using Environment menu.


Regards, Sebastian

Ok thanks,

I will try to login with Ip after sometime.

You will have to accept untrusted certificate because it will not cover ip 🙂

Regards, Sebastian