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Aggregated IIS Events - ManagedPipelineHandler very high Self Time


One of the top findings in the Response Time Hotspots is the IIS Modules and specifically the ManagedPipelineHandler

On investigating some of the slow purepaths, I could find in the code "Aggregated IIS Events - ManagedPipelineHandler" with very high Self-Time sometimes up to 7 - 12 seconds which is almost 90% of the response time of the purepath.

I tried researching about the ManagePipelineHandler but could not reach a conclusion of whether this is something to do with the IIS configuration or if this is something in the code that makes this IIS module consume a lot of time or is there something hanging?

Any pointers to what the problem might be?


Hello, ManagedPipelineHandler is IIS module which routes transaction to proper part of IIS. If this module is not able to do it, transaction stuck on MPH. This is result of issue, not root cause. Look for transactions on IIS which stuck and keep threads busy. For example where do you have problems with communication to external services, MQ, DB etc.


is there any antivirus active on your iis server(s) ?

@Rastislav D. No antivirus

@sebastian k. Any chance I can find out using Dynatrace what is stuck? I can see a lot of DB queries but I am not sure if that is the reason or one of them is the reason. Any way I can drill this down and find out what's causing it to get stuck?

In general I can't say without digging by my self. But I would start from filtering slowest transactions and checking response time hotspots for them.


i did that as well and usually it's it's IIS Modules followed by Code Execution, when I dig to which API I see ADO.NET the first usually.

Diagnosing iis is not easy task. Without access to environment it would be hard to help. It can be related to bad iis configuration as well, thread pools etc.