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Android APK with Dexguard and iOs App with ixGuard final build fais during Obfuscation. Any official or community resolution for this?


When we are building to take up to production / playstore we build with dexguard.

When we do that we are getting this error when we have Dynatrace

Unexpected error while computing stack sizes:
Class = [com/safaricom/mysafaricom/ui/balances/PostPayBillPaymentFragment$onCreateView$2]
Method = [onClick(Landroid/view/View;)V]
Exception = [java.lang.IllegalArgumentException] (Stack size becomes negative after instruction [597] astore_2 v2 in [com/safaricom/mysafaricom/ui/balances/PostPayBillPaymentFragment$onCreateView$2.onClick(Landroid/view/View;)V])
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Stack size becomes negative after instruction [597] astore_2 v2 in [com/safaricom/mysafaricom/ui/balances/PostPayBillPaymentFragment$onCreateView$2.onClick(Landroid/view/View;)V]

We are also having an issue obfuscating our .ipa file using iXGuard (iOS version of DexGuard) because of Dynatrace.

We are getting this error: Failed to resymbolicate: No symbol map for bundle with UUID: D4B2BEB8-B806-3DE2-818C-BA9F1E07E50C (/var/folders/tr/9z5pxl852s137r17yqp_5g6w0000gp/T/ixguard-Obfuscated-e127OW/ipaextract/Payload/, arm64).


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Id recommend tossing in a support ticket. That way a support rep can help guide you through this as well as make any changes that need to be made on Dynatrace's end for any errors that need to be addressed.