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Are there any Test Automation equivalent feature in Dynatrace SaaS?


Is there a feature in the Dynatrace SaaS which is equivalent to Test Automation feature in Dynatrace AppMon? If yes, can you please give me a link to the documentation?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

This blog post and the performance clinic which is included within it detail what is possible in this area now.

There is no explicit "test automation" currently, though I believe that is one area in the backlog of features that will be added though I can't comment on timelines or priority.


Beat me to posting the link - nice James! The above blog post is a great way to achieve similar capabilities as what was available in Appmon.

thanks for the link James

There's a second blog post from Andi that you should also check out (Unbreakable DevOps Pipeline: Shift-Left, Shift-Right & Self-Healing): or the Online Perf Clinic if you prefer to listen to him directly 😉