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Assigning a hostgroup to an OpenShift pod "host"



Although it seems counter-intuitive I was wondering if there is any possibility to assign a OpenShift pod to a hostgroup?

When deploying the oneagent to OpenShift I can use an InitContainer. This works fine and one can easily add custom metadata properties to the process that runs within the container.

But i was wondering - sine the pod is represented as a host in Dynatrace - how one could assign a hostgroup to this "Host". This would be really helpful e.g. in the case of using Management Zone filters the same way how one would use them for normal hosts.

It's a PaaS agent that is injected into the application only, but since the "host" is created as entity I was thinking maybe environment variables could be used to force the host group?

Any ideas?



Good question, but since the injected OneAgent is PaaS version only, you most likely cannot. PaaS OneAgents don't support hostgroups as far as I'm aware as it's just "code modules" attached to the process. Host groups for Solaris (only PaaS is available, so I believe this is the very same situation) have been requested long time ago and there is no ETA yet.