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Async calls to splunk sometimes wrong presented as sync in PurePath


Hello Folks!

I need help some clever guy. We have cust with lot of systems logging to Splunk. All Splunk calls go async. Developers there quite mature and claim that they 100% sure that calls and its surounding methods async. They even conducted code review to double check. Most code is in Java and Groovy.

But somethimes several happenings per week calls to splunk presented in PurePaths as sync with waits for 3-10 seconds. It is definitely incorrect cause app just fire data to Splunk and never waits oк confirm result, just continue execution flow.

We all puzzled over this case! Support folks ask us to check code. Cust asserts the they know code like a book and there is no sync calls posible. In other words dead end ...

I have idea. Could it async requests to splunk problem be caused by work of "Adaptive traffic management and control" mechanism?
What is mark all calls to splunk as key requests?

Regards, Igor

p.s. Sorry. I forget that i asked simular questuion

There by link PurePath screenshots available.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@IGOR M. Are you still having this issue? Its plausible that the Adaptive Traffic is playing a role in that. Did you bring that up to support? did they confirm or deny that?