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Automate(SaltState) Installation of Managed and OneAgent and Automate uninstallation of Appmon


Hi Experts,

We are using SaltStack for the automation of installing and configuration. This is the first time I am using SaltStack/Salt State. Please let me know if there is documentation available and/or if you have implemented, suggest how to implement Automation with Salt State for following:

  1. Uninstall Appmon
  2. Install Managed Software/ActiveGate
  3. Install OneAgent on Hosts that we are planning to monitor

Thanks, Suresh.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

I'm not aware of any examples provided by Dynatrace of using SaltStack. But the automation is pretty simple and I'm sure the SaltStack documentation can provide generic examples.

Installation of Dynatrace can all be done from the commandline, so therefore any automation tool can initiate the installation. Here's a link to the managed install command:

Once you have Dynatrace up and running, drill into "Deploy Dynatrace" and it will provide you the commandline syntax for installing the other components.

AppMon uninstallation is different depending on whether you have Windows or Linux. There is an uninstall script in the respective directories.