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Azure Webapps background thread with CPU usage but no Method Hotspots


I have an Azure webapp that is showing 1 core usage for "Background thread CPU", but am not able to get any "Method Hotspots". I'm starting to feel that it might be stuck in a DLL that exists in the webapp. Is there visibility in there?

I'm also having strange indications about memory, namely great GC, but with apparently a lot of RAM available (3.3GB in 4). Might it be that memory being consumed by the DLL is not being tracked?

Antonio Sousa


We had a similar issue and support stated that there might not be enough data for method hotspots and hence why that data is not shown. Here is a link to the documentation, im not 100% if this is the one that they gave me, as i dont have access to that link anymore.


In our case, it seems to have been a bug. Have been talking with lab, seems to have been corrected, and we are in the phase of testing it.

Antonio Sousa