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Best practices for name taging / requestAtributte


Hi all.

In our client we plan to have a large amount of requestAtributte and tags. We have thought that this may be a problem when this grows to be able to identify them quickly.

Has anyone faced a similar situation? How have you dealt with it?

I mean if there is a BestPractice for this, and to have more control with the names of these elements.

thanks for yours ideas.

Bests regards.

Jose A



I mostly try to use general names for general request attributes, such as SOAP action and they are mostly used across the whole environment.

For application specific request attributes, I always recommend to prefix it with short application name (idealy up to 3 characters), such as "XYZ RequestAttributeName" for the app XYZ.. For such attributes I try to limit the request attribute scope only on the application itself by defining the process groups.

I don't think there is is much more you can do at the moment. Renaming of request attributes is always easy, as the name can be changed after the definition.