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Broker monitoring using Dynatrace Managed and appmon/dcrum


what are the best options for monitoring a broker environment, we have Dynatrace managed, Appmon and also DCRUM.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Robert,

For DC RUM, you can define the Broker as a software service with the HTTP analyzer and analyze the corresponding web services. That gives you a great fault domain isolation.

Depending on the Broker version,you can use the following plugin in App Mon to check Broker metrics. I would highly recommend to instrument this plugin in QA/Dev Broker (

Or you can install an App Mon agent. Please note that App Mon agent is per execution group within the broker.

I believe Dynatrace support for broker will be here in the next 3/4 months.

Hope this helps.



Great i will have a meeting about the plugin with dev... thank you!

also cuestioning about xml/soap for webservices... it is neccesary for this service monitoring too?

@Harshal P.

Hi @robert p.

If you define the Message Broker in DC RUM with the HTTP analyzer, it will automatically pick up the Web Services. No additional configuration is required.