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Business impact in dollar value on Problem tile


How do I bring potential impact in dollar value on Problem page under Impact analysis section? Assume I have already defined conversion goals and session properties. 


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

could you please add some screenshots and more info on problem statement - Kindly refer below link to understand what all business impacts analysis is triggered by



All I see under Business impact analysis on the Problem page is technical details of the impact such as how many service calls were affected, how many users affected, etc. I'd also like to see how much is the business impact in terms of commercials, e.g if it is an insurance policy purchase transaction involving x amount of business conversion, and if the user abandoned the visit without completing the transaction due to some application performance issue, how that potential loss can be shown under the Business impact analysis section on Problem page? If yes, what needs to be configured?  Thanks for response.

You can raise a request for enhancement if its a client specific requirement as currently the product is limited to automatic trigger settings, not controlled through any configuration. You can also present this as product idea to be accepted as a feature for development in successive sprints.