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Business transaction for user actions contains a call to a cretin DB stored procedure

Hi guys,

As done in AppMon before, prospect wants to know how many logins are made to his site and login is identify by calling to sp.login from lot of different pages.

Is there a way to group together all the user actions that contains a call to DB stored procedure as can be done in AppMon?



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

This is not possible with Dynatrace. A possible workaround would be to create a custom service for the method and count the service calls to this method. By using then the backtrace you will see the user actions. We will implement this use case also in Dynatrace, but it is not on the roadmap for the next 8 months.
Please create a feature request for this use case with that example: segmentation of user actions and user sessions by server side method calls
We can track then the votes and it helps for prioritization.

Hi Alexander,

Actually this is a DB call and there is no code level under it in order to set a custom service on a method called by this PP.