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Can Dynatrace and AppMon runs together on the same linux server box?

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro


Hi Wai,

do you mean running a Dynatrace Managed Cluster Node and an Appmon Server on the same machine or running an OneAgent and an AppMon Agent on the same machine?

The former could in theory be possible but I would strongly advise against it because the performance will most likely not be satisfactory.

For the latter the answer is yes, but only one of them can inject into any given JVM/ CLR etc. at a time, so you'll have to deactivate deep monitoring in Dynatrace.

best regards

I mean running AppMon Server and DT Managed Server in the same server, not appmon agent and OneAgent in the same host.

Thanks for the answer, Franz.

While, as Franz says, in theory the former is possible, it is not supported.