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Can Environmental Active Gate and Dynatrace Managed runs in the same machine?

Anyone has done this before?


No, at least it’s not recommended. Documentation said that it should be external machine. This is because many reasons,. First it is optional component. You don’t need it always (it’s not the same as collector in Appmon).

If you want to have one you can use it for:

  • Proxy from dmz agents, it simplifies network rules between server and agents
  • Compressing traffic (up to 70%)
  • Using AG plugins for monitoring for example network devices and many more
  • Storing memory dumps
Such functionalities has their benefits where are separated from main server.Sebastian


No this is not possible. Installer will refuse to install the ActiveGate if cluster node is installed on the host.

Actually, there is an ActiveGate running on each cluster node, but you don't have much control over it (you cannot use it for memory dumps).

Can I use it for Synthetic Monitoring? I am not seeing such an option there.

No you need external one.