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Can we add Vcenter at Cluster layer in Dynatrace Managed ?


Hi Guys,

we have about 12 Vcenter in our environment and 6 tenants.

We want to add Vcenter for getting complete Datacenter view in Smartscape . is there a way to do that ?

If this is not possible , then we will have to add all 12 Vcenter in each tenant with below issues :

1) We will be storing same data 12 times(although it will be isolated completely from each other but it does not seems to be ideal practise)

2) We may have connections choked at Vmware API level when all the tenants are going to simultaneously poll Vcenter API.


Himanshu Mor


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi Himanshu,

currently the only way you can do this is to indeed configure the VCenters for every tenant for which they are relevant. Data between tenants is fully separated, so there is no way you can share the VCenter data between tenants. We recommend, however that you only add the VCenters that run guests where you have OneAgent installed to avoid the situation where you store excessive unnecessary data.

Thanks @Guido D. !

in my scenario , we have a big environment and serves are mixed up across vcenters.

So basically one tenant has servers(running oneagents) that are separated across multiple vcenters (all 12 in some cases)

Thanks for your recommendation , we will work accordingly to find a best possible situation for this setup to add only needed vcenters.