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Can we create a Custom report/chart for synthetic Clickpath browser monitor with average duration of each clickpath in Dynatrace SaaS?


Did you try the Create Custom Chart option from the Menu? When using this option, search for metrics Synthetic-Duration for Performance of the Synthetic test, and Synthetic- Availability for the availability of all the Synthetic tests. You may then select desired time frame using the universal time selection on right corner.

Hi Bharathi, Thanks for your response, I actually tried the custom chart option but this will give the average value of a metric(Duration/Availability) for the entire Synthetic Monitor/Test, but i was looking for report/tile that shows average duration for each individual click in a clickpath route. We can actually see this info when we click on a synthetic test .Please see the pic below.For the selected duration i am looking for a chart with average action duration for each click/action in the clickpath Monitor. This seems to be similar to Step analysis report in Synthetic Classic but this report is not available on Synthetic SaaS. Any help on this would be much appreciated. Thanks.

I understood your requirements now. I am afraid we do not have such options present other than to use the Clickpath actions section that you have shown above. you could post an idea that our PMs might consider.


@Srinivas V. Did you try the API call to have this information?×eriesId=com.dynatrace.builtin:webcheck.step.performance.actionduration&relativeTime=hour&aggregationType=avg